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Queen of Hearts – 红心女王 Dronningen (2019)

Queen of Hearts – 红心女王 Dronningen (2019)

Mar. 27, 2019 DK. SE. 127 Min.
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Anne, a brilliant and dedicated advocacy lawyer specialising in society’s most vulnerable, children and young adults, lives what appears to be the picture-perfect life with her doctor-husband, Peter, and their twin daughters. When her estranged teenage stepson, Gustav, moves in with them, Anne’s escalating desire leads her down a dangerous rabbit hole which, once exposed, unleashes a sequence of events destined to destroy her world.擅打青少年性侵案官司的精明律師,與醫生丈夫婚姻美滿,事業家庭盡在掌握,豈料丈夫與前妻所生的反叛兒子搬來同住,令她措手不及。叢林深處的慾望被少年的青春怒火點燃,陷入不倫關係,一發不可收拾;不惜一切犧牲樹苗以挽救森林,原來靈魂早已焚燒殆盡。正義是人間仰望的茂林,秋風一揚,墜落堂皇華葉,剩下謊言枯枝。《堅離地公社》(夏日國際電影節2016)柏林影后崔娜蒂虹(《腦謀心算》,42 屆)挑戰演技,狠狠挖開纏心附魄的盤根錯節。

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Original title Dronningen
TMDb Rating 7.4 35 votes

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