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黑金血泪电影版 – Blood & Oil (2019)

黑金血泪电影版 – Blood & Oil (2019)

The Bloodiest Battle in the Country Mar. 06, 2019 NG. 93 Min.
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A small village in Nigeria without drinkable water, sustainable farming and fishing has one resource: oil. This story is based on true events; the violent havoc that ensued between the militants and government due to the oil corporations’ greed, which had a ripple effect throughout the global oil industry.1956年奈及利亞的奧洛伊比里村莊被發現有石油,為村民帶來生活的繁榮與就業機會。在結束最後一次鑽探後的二十年裡,奧村的河流、空氣、土壤遭受到重度的汙染,村民也紛紛致癌,村長提米普對於當初鼓勵大家積極參與石油開採感到悔恨。當美國新進石油開採公司弗蕭,正慶祝即將在此重啟的油井,將帶來巨額的收入時。當地的激進分子阿火率領組織、密謀計畫,將對貪婪的商人進行報復…

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Original title Blood & Oil

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